About Us

Our Mission
Humanumeric is committed to building successful partnerships within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We enhance our clients’ market knowledge through comprehensive epidemiological analysis and quantitative market analysis.

Our goals align with those of our clients: Informed Decisions for Optimal Strategies.

About Us
Humanumeric was founded in 2014 from the merger between Strategyst Consulting, Inc (est. 2003) and P4 Analytics LLC (est. 2013). We specialize in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Our focus is on supporting the commercial analysis function within our client company. We develop customized Epidemiology and Market Models for new products (Pre-Clinical through Phase III), and offer our clients unmatched analytical services for the marketing and development of these early-stage compounds. For those clients who prefer to keep forecasting in-house, we offer training and professional development consulting, quality assurance and model auditing, and custom forecasting systems.

We seek a deep understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the business, from patient to physician to field force to payer. These core elements, and their interactions, constitute our areas of attention, and enable us to provide our clients with greater insight, not only into the structure of the market at present, but also into its probable future development.

Ultimately, we provide our clients with a detailed and customized forecast that delivers the specific outputs and actionable insights needed for product planning. By working together as partners we help define, explore, and implement the strategies that maximize value, from a single asset up to a company’s entire portfolio.